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We are aware of the fact that we owe our leading and examplary position we have maintained for about a century to our corporate principles we have remained faithful to with great dedication and have not sacrificed on no condition. 

These principles have always been the most accurate guiding spirit throughout all kinds of situations our country, the world and our sector have been through.

Therefore, we take care to hand the below Professional principles down to future generations. 


Tradition of marine business we have been continuing with pride for generations teaches us, first of all, unconditional discipline in all circumstances. While all staff from our general director to the youngest deck-boy fulfill their duties at full strength, compliance with the marine business and company disciplines is essential. 

Uninterrupted Service 

365 days/24 hours uninterrupted service under all weather and sea conditions and within the safety limits of our infrastructure is one of the principles rendering Dentur Avrasya special. We know how important time and uninterrupted transportation for our dear passengers is and we work hard to this end. 

Perfect Trust 

Perfect trust all the time. From our state-of-the-art boat designs to satellite and radar controlled follow-up systems, from our sound electronic communication infrastructure to nonstop Professional internal security training, from our perfect emergency equipment to spotless conduct grade.  

We provide you, our dear passengers, with the highest safety standards. 

State-of-the-art technology  

New, fast boats with a high maneuvering capacity, world’s most modern service and communication equipment, technical infrastructure available for all kinds of entertainment and organization, computer guided passage and management system. These are only some our technical superiorities.  In order to ender our technological leadership continuous, a large part of our income is directed to our technical investments.  

Continuing Education 

Whole Dentur Avrasya Grup personnel from the manager to the captain, from the mechanic to the ticket official receive regular Professional on-the-job training required by their positions. To this end, our in-house and external training programs and evaluation Works continue throughout the year.

Environmental Awareness

We are a family that has saved environmental awareness from being just a slogan and adopted as a significant part of our daily life. In this respect, our boats are specially designed in line with the highest environmental standards and for minimum level of environmental impact and waste level. On the other hand, we volunteer for and support all kinds of environmental protection and ecological awareness raising based activities. 

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